The Day I Met God is a collection of powerful true stories of life changing miracles told by extraordinary people. Young or old, rich or poor, famous or infamous - they were all searching for something to fill a void in their lives, and they all found it in a personal, life-changing encounter with God. These 32 amazing stories show how God uses their circumstances of our lives - good, bad, and worse, - to arrange a meeting with Himself. Through miraculous vision, quiet revelations, life and death situations, or gentle persuasion, these people met God, and He filled their empty hearts with freedom, joy and hope.


  • The Day I Met God offers hope to the hurting as well as inspiration to the spiritual seeker.
  • There's someone to whom every reader can relate. Contributions come from everyday heroes as well as celebrities such as country singer Randy Travis, former pro-baseball pitcher Dave Dravecky, and astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross, along with eight people from behind the scenes in the same business as the authors - the entertainment industry.
  • It makes a great gift to challenge and inspire anyone who is searching for answers to the "big" questions in life - especially in the climate of our nation right now.


"A book for anyone who has ever been on a 'spiritual journey.' This is where the journey ended - and began."
- Martha Williamson, Executive Producer, Touched by an Angel

"For thirty years, I have been telling stories on television. If I were starting all over again, I would start by telling the stories in The Day I Met God. There is a lifetime of great movies and plays and television specials in the pages of this book. They are even more powerful because they are true."
- Michael Warren, Executive Producer, Warner Bros. Television

"Is God real...? From an astronomer to a former Imperial Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan, fascinating personal stories from those who sought the answer to life's ultimate question. Don't miss it!"
- Alan Graas, CEO, Sierra Asset Management


Jim Covell is a University of Southern California graduate in Music Composition who has written scores for feature films, television and children's series such as the platinum hit McGee and Me! and the score for the recent film Left Behind.

Karen Covell, also a USC graduate, is a television and film producer, currently a producer for Headliners and Legends with Matt Lauer. Jim and Karen speak at colleges, churches, and to Christian professionals across the country. The Covells and their two wonder boys, Christopher and Cameron, live in Los Angeles.

Victorya Michaels Rogers earned a Master's Degree in Theology from Fuller Seminary; she also worked for more than ten years as a Hollywood agent representing award-winning writers, producer, directors and technical crews. She travels the nation speaking frequently on her passion for Jesus. Victorya lives in Oklahoma with her husband Will and newborn son Matthew.

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